She finds me to handsome and it is making her shy?

her mom told me she finds me too handsome. i try to talk her but she is so damn shy with me. i really like her. in reality, i'm shy to talk to her but you can't tell when i am. but with her she is super red and does some weird body language.

so i thought it would be better for me to start texting her but i began to see how open she is. we became close but now when i try to meet her, it is like she does not have the balls to talk to me.

by the way she is a social butterfly, has a lot of friends that are guys who hit on her. i don't find the guys as competition to be honest at all lol. but i tried so many ways to make her feel comfortable.


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  • a social butterfly that has no balls to talk to u? hmm

    • we talk... but she acts much differently towards me than towards other guys.


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  • The best thing you can do is tell her honestly and bluntly how you feel. Tell her to her face that you like her and would like to pursue a relationship, and tell her that you think she is beautiful. That goes a long way with somebody and will help with the shyness if she knows that you wan to be with her.

  • Your a bitch ass nigga that's why