When a guy looks at your legs in a dress? Coincidence or on purpose?

If you wear a dress and walk past a guy and he's staring at your face and quickly looks down at your legs is it just coincidence or was he. checking you out? This happened twice to me today and not sure. if on purpose or jus accidentally. Guys opinions?


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  • its checking you out all guys appreciate legs


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  • It's checking you out for sure. But it can be almost a subconscious thing. Guys often don't even realize they do it half the time. The thing is that the flash of bare skins catches the eye and forces you to look, even if you don't mean to. It happens with low-cut tops too, which is what gets so many guys in trouble.

    It's creepy if they actively stare, but the quick up/down glance can sometimes not be helped. It just happens because of the skin contrast flash.

  • Yes we are checking out your legs and then we follow them back up to your dress then me try to telepathically see what is under said dress. And yes we are all about sex guilty guilty guilty

  • I guess you were being checked out. You must be very pretty to be noticed by two different men


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