Do I have a chance with this guy? Or is it better to just give up?

So there's this guy I go to school with who I always thought was a cute and pretty cool guy. He's friendly, funny and just an all around nice guy. However, he does have that kind of flirty personality. This past few months I began to realize we have a lot in common (same interests, music taste, hobbies, etc) and the more I learned about him the more I started to like him. The problem he's infatuated with an older girl who seems to kind of lead him on but doesn't really like him and she's leaving to go away to school. We talked a little (sometimes he starts the conversation, sometimes I do) and he's been kind of flirty but that could be his personality because he seems to be so head over heels for this girl that he brushes everyone else off. My question is should I try and get to know him more/talk to him this year or should I just let it go and move on?

Also, I can be really shy so going talking to him is a big deal for me


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  • Its highschool! This crush will surely pass. If the guy isn't starting the convo and isn't saying goodmorning or goodnight... then id let it rest till he finds the time for you. If i like a girl i always know im obligated to text her and show i care. Now if i feel she's annoyed ill let her text me when she wants to.


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  • This sounds exactly like me and this guy i just met this school year. Unfortunately, i found out he has a girlfriend. So I decided to just let it go and if he and her don't work out, maybe he'll look my way. Yet I'm tryna work my way into his friend zone. So u shouldn't give up, but just back down into another position until he sees u as something more. Good luck :)