Where are the best places to meet single girls without online?

So most places I have been going to, I have seen girls I find attractive holding hands with their boyfriends way too often. I am not even talking about model attractive. Quite frankly, not all models are that attractive, but I digress. I was told it is not a good idea to settle for women so fine, I only look at girls I find at least remotely attractive.

The dreading places when it comes to girls only are sporting event, malls, gym, beach. No one really hosts parties anymore because of money issues. Besides, my friends who hosted parties always joke that their parties are always a cockfest. You get the idea.

I don't really want to join a church solely for dating because I feel it is wrong since the purpose of a church is not looking for a girlfriend. I am not too fond of joining classes since many of them cost. I don't want to join activities that are more fitting for girls just to get girls. It's pretty weird or maybe creepy.

So any ideas where the single ladies are hiding?

If anyone can suggest any places that are bad for dates, I think those are great. Like the grocery store, laundromat. Coffee shops... Girls seem to not want to get disturbed there, unless it's at a line.


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  • Anywhere there is a lot of people. Bars, concerts, games.

    • Well women can still bring their boyfriends to those places though. The chances isn't very low. I actually mentioned sporting events. It's a fest of taken girls.

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    • Then you're either going to have to meet girls by being social and going to places that have been mentioned or try online dating. There really isn't a whole lot of places that are filled with only single people. I mean, of course there are going to be some girls with their boyfriends at concerts, bars, games, etc., but there are also going to be girls there that went with their friends.

    • beggers can't be choosers man. These are good suggestions.


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  • I would go with sports games, especially if you're in college, but most people go their in groups of friends, so that may be a bit intimidating
    I actually know a lot of girls who joined churches purely for dating, I don't think it's that bad.

    Otherwise parties, like smaller parties of friends. At work, a lot of couples meet at work actually.

  • What about your local pub?

    • I have seen many taken girls there.

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  • If you have a college campus near you, that's easily the easiest place to get girls.

    • Not if you are not a student anymore.

    • Yeah it is. If they ask if you are, just be like "no, I'm just meeting up with one of my friends who goes here."

  • Time to go grocery shopping. Litterally.

    • Yes, I like the grocery store. Good idea. It is not a great place for dates.

  • Bars, clubs, concerts. I met my last girl at a baseball game.

  • Super markets and grocery stores are always the best places to find some great women.

    • I think that's my #1 choice right now.

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    • I wish I were that pimping lol. Or else I probably wouldn't be looking for a girlfriend right now.

    • Dude you live once. Chug a beer and go out grocery shopping. (brush your teeth after the beer lol). Talk with all the women, laugh and smile. Always smile and have a great time wherever you go. Anyone that dislikes it or calls you out on trying to "be too cute" can also get a ty and a smile with the middle finger pointed at then. Live once have the best times always.