Are hot girls usually always taken?

I want to have fun in college and have lots of sex with many different women to experiment, but i dont want to settle and get a GF. I also want to go to dental school so by the time im out i will be 26. Thats probably when i will start looking to get a GF. Do you think there will be any pretty 20-24 year olds left out there for the taking? Or will they all be taken up. The competition for them would be pretty high i guess. Should i just snag a GF during college? Or do you think waiting could be worth it? I just have the fear that beautiful girls that most men (including me) are attracted to won't be single anymore and i would have missed out. Sorry for the long question.


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  • No, no, no, bro. Wait it out.

    I mean, anytime you meet a great girl whether you're seeing just her or seven other chicks, you're probably going to fall for her. If it's meant to be then I say go for it. Relationships have very high value in my opinion. But, you're young, still in school, and there will be plenty of fish in the sea when you graduate. No rush brotha. Pretty, beautiful, sexy, whatever an attractive girl might be, they go through men too. I promise, we won't over-fish the oceans while you're out educating yourself man. Just have fun and see what happens I say.

    • Thanks man. That reassures me. Im always looking to land a trophy fish! But it takes time. Waiting probably is the best move.


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  • Well that's really up to you.. And I'm sure that there's a lot of girls there for you. You just gotta go find them

  • Have fun getting stds, and HIV, oh and let's not forget the concquences of children... Smh

    • Ouch! You do realize only a small percentage of the population actually wait till marriage for sex right? Most have it in high school or college.

    • Ur talking to the 19 year old with six kids and pregnant with twins. I'm married, I realize people don't wait for marriage, I didn't. I'm just saying dint treat it as a joke it can have fatal or finical responsibilities.. That can affect the rest of your life

  • Just keep your options open for either. You can have fun but still decide to try to be serious if you meet a real catch.

    • Yeah i guess if i meet "the one" then i would not wanna let her go. Then again i wanna be a high flying guy going solo like a boss in my first chance of living on my own.

    • Don't rule anything out :)

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  • Dude, there is no need to experiment like that, sex is honestly not all its cracked up to be. Honestly the best sex you can have is if you are in a realtionship with someone you love, best sex I've ever had man. And no, all the good ones aren't gone, I got mine and she wasn't taken.

    • Very wise man!

    • Fair enough. But would you really want to be in a relationship in college. When you could be out partying and having the time of your life with your friends. I know a relationship is like an investment. And i probably won't have time for that unless i wanna ditch my friends. But i agree the best sex is with someone you love.

    • I've been through college, unless getting piss drunk and stoned that you end up hooking up with a girl you thought was someone else and ending up with a pregnancy scare sounds like a good time to you, your better off in a relationship. Trust me man, and who is to say you can't party? I still have fun and i'm in a committed relationship, i get to go party with friends all the time. The problem is you need to pick the right friends, dont throw your life away man, people can end up dead with that outlook of yours.

  • Well I don't wanna sound like a player but my motto was always to collect and select. Collect for now and select the one you want to settle down with later. Every girl I want as a girlfriend is usually already taken and the ones that try to flirt with me first are not really attractive to me. I keep in contact with the ones I'm really attracted to both physically and as a person. I think you should have plenty of females in dental school. And yes, the competition is high and it's gonna be harder to find a girlfriend but there's always something out there.

    • True. Plus in dental school i will actually be at a college. Just not in dorms. So i guess i could just get a GF in dental school. And im more of a player too. Im just not good at storing the girls for later.