How can I get my ex back?

Okay. I'm 16 & he's 20. Before y'all start screaming I met him when I was in grade 9 & he was in 12. It's 4 years age difference but I've always had a thing for older guys. Anyways we dated for a year & broke up because we got kinda busy with life... for about 9 months he came to see me every Friday & we would facetime every night for HOURS. We always had good communication except our relationship was a secret to his cousins family but open to his friends and immediate family ( I dated his cousin which is how we met & why we never told him) he cheated on me once but he was with his cousin and before he dated me he was always partying and sleeping with many women & Ofcourse alcohol was involved and he didn't want to turn down these females which I don't know why I didn't question it. We parted ways until I figured out how to deal with it & we then got back together, it's been a year since we broke up but we talk once a week & he comes to my family events & my family loves his company (The know about his age) he's never forced anything upon me & always has been like my bestfriend & I really can honestly say he is the first guy I've connected to. He is coming up here on Saturday for my birthday & I'm tired of just being his friend again.. I want to be his girlfriend but he says it's just difficult because he works 6 days a week now & Sunday is his only day off & on Sunday it's a "religious" day for me so it's spent with family, he's taking Saturday off for my birthday so I can see him & I haven't seen him since last thanksgiving... About our relationship he says he doesn't want to ruin anything with me because the lack of communication we would have due to work & the lack of time we could see eachother. He even said when I finish highschool since the college I'm applying to is down where he lives I could spend the nights there. This is someone I could see myself with the future.. What should I do? Am I stupid for trying?

I understand I'm young but he is someone I really want to be with...


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  • You want to be with a guy who cheats on you? You gotta be able to do better.


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  • You are a fool to stay with someone who cheats on you. And you're too young for him.


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  • He cheat on you... that's a good sign to leave him. You said it yourself that he can't reject girl that come to him. It's not a good sign...