Ladies, what do look for the most in a guy?

his body? His face? His personality? Money? What is important to you?


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  • The way he talks or his smile and the most important things his style

    • Can you expand on your answer a little more? Like how should he talk? You mean his voice? Or what he says? Smile? And by style you mean a sense of fashion?

    • Ok I will explain more so don't swear a lot u when talk a front of the person you love. That is what I mean about the way u talk

    • Is that all you look for in a guy? Manners? Ok Thanks for your answer :)


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  • Ladies, what do look for the most in a guy?
    Looks (facial features, body build, height, skin complexion, eye/hair color) and wealth (makes as much or more than me). Looks are pretty much my deciding factor.

  • At first when i see him , i can only observe his looks. But that does not mean , i am all over the looks.

    If he has good looks but no personality , it means nothing to me. I appreciate good personality more than all. If he is a creepy person with a hot body, i lose my interest quickly. I need good personality to keep the interest.

    • Define looks and personality for me please?

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    • Thanks for your opinion :)

  • First of all, eyes catch my attention. then height, face. when i get to know him personality is priotity. and if i dont like his personality no matter he is the most handsome, or has too much money, he would be the last person, i would ever date.

    • Eyes? You mean the color or the way they look at you? Height? How tall is good? And what characteristics do you look for?

    • I mean expression of his eyes. i want him to be taller than me. what about personality, sense of humour is important for me. also he must be natural, free and easy to communicate, loyal and careful. i like when he can do something unpredictable for me

    • Interesting, thanks for answering :)

  • His sense of humour is a big one for me.. And then personality.

    • What kinda personality do you look for?

    • Someone who's gentle, down to earth, caring, considerate, family orientated, has talent and knows it, can be silly and careless but serious when need to be (that balance), someone who is fun to be around bascially

    • Thank you !!! :)

  • His eyes smile and personality. Usually I go for older and taller guys

  • his body and personality

    • What do you mean by personality?

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