She seemed to be really interested in me, now she's acting distant? What gives?

Very likely over analyzing this. I've known this girl ever since I started college last year and during the summer I took classes. Before that, it wasn't super uncommon if I was walking back to the dorms and I'd catch her a distance away staring or glancing at me.

Over the summer, she would glance at me a lot in a shared class we had, and I mean a LOT. I was positioned a row of seats over to the right and maybe 3-4 seats behind her and I would catch her staring from the side of her eye or looking back at me. As if she wanted me to know she was looking at me.

Now on campus, I see her around and for some reason she doesn't say hi or whatever to me as she did in the past. I got to know her through a mutual friend- now that I went on a few outings with at one point and she would sometimes in the past say my name aloud if we were with her friend and other friends as "Oh I know trustmeiminnocent!"

I have a degree of interest in her so I could be over analyzing- again but is this a normal thing for you to do for a guy you might be interested in to grab their attention? Cause its working a bit. What do you guys think? Much appreciated.


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  • I think she probably likes you but that might not last if she meets somebody else. If you are interested do something about it and do it now.


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  • You answered your own question. By stating that you think you have over analyzed it usually means that you have. A lot of things in our life that are negative usually come from our thoughts about them. If someone over thinks about the situation then it can definitely turn sour. Just keep trying and don't think too much ok? :)


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  • You have not acted fast enough. Should have asked her out long ago.
    It seems female attraction has a time limit. If you don't step up quick enough they get upset. Go up to her and say: "now that my life has calmed down a little I wanted to ask you out but I'm not sure your interested anymore. A shame" then walk away and act like it doesn't matter. Ignore her for a couple of days and gage her reaction. This may spark her interest again. If she seems more receptive again, act quickly and ask her out and be clear it is a date.