Is he shy? Or not interested?

Hi guys, so ill just keep it simple and clear.. there's this boy, i always try to start a conversation with him, and he know that i like him. but everytime i try to talk to him he turnes red and he's mumbling something... in class and breaks people tell me he's always checking me out but why won't he start a conversation with me? i really dont get it, i try to talk to him as often as i can but he just won't let me, its like he's ignoring me... But the funny thing is he's looking at me and smiling and shit but when i try to make a conversation nothing interesting happens... people tell me that he's a shy boy , id hate to say this but he's a little nerdy and i dont mind but people say maybe thats the reason he's not talking back, he never had a girl who had a crush on him blabala, but i mean a simple hello how are you? thats not so bad i mean cmon... but i really dont know what to do i mean should i tell him that im confused? and that i wanna know what he's thinking or is this a hint that he's just not interested? This is the first guy i really like, and i try to force all conversations i try to see him as much as i can, but nothing happens, im doing this all on my own. some people told me he likes me too but i notice nothing... what should i do? (btw sorry for this bad english, im dutch) haha


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  • i think that maybe he likes you but because he is a shy guy he won't confess and he will always try to hide it so try to go easy on him make him feel comfortabe when you talk with him dont look at his eyes for a long time cause he will be looking at the other direction and he will get confused dont force a conversation make it feel like a normal conversation ex: if he is your classmate talk with him about a subject and try to make the conversation deep or maybe try to know what he likes and make a conversation about something he likes and make him feel that you are interested in it even if you are not and good luck with that guy :P


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  • I was very shy at one time and I knew it was a shortcoming and it took a long time to get over it... a very long time! You may not know how difficult it is for a shy person and how difficult it can be to be shy and interested in a girl. You should break the ice by texting him. Also find out from friends what he likes and make that the topic of conversation. It will help make things much easier.

    • Thats a great idea but there was this time that i actually did text him, and then he ignored me for like 1 week, so 1 week later i texted him again with like, uhm did you receive my message and he was like omg im so sorry i was just so busy and i totally forget... so i was like oh oke no problem just text me when you have the time... That message was send on 18 July and what date is it right now... yeah...

    • I did see him today in a restaurant he was with some friends ans he was like hee how are you? hows your vacation... and then i saw that he was thinking like should i go sit by her or not but he got to his friend what i understand but reallyy he still hasn't answer my message...

  • write him a note saying I want your cell. Then text him and ask him, Maybe he is shy, but introvert people something communicate better by writing.

    • yes i first added him on facebook, we were talking for like an hour than we switched our numbers and started talking on our phones... but even there i have to force a conversation, i mean when i ask him how was your day, he answers good... i mean how was my day? yeah fine thanks btw.. so i start to lose hope that he likes me, but still there are so many signs that he does likes me... im just so confused..

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