Why dont women respond on online dating?

I put a lot of effort into my messages and reading their profile.. I get if they aren't interested but why not just say that and say thanks for writing me but im not interested


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  • Any reasonably attractive chick on a dating site is going to be bombarded by guys messaging her. She'd probably be there all day long if she replied to every one. Yeah it'd be nice, but you've also gotta think about what's happening on the other computer screen.

    • So who are they replying to then?

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    • Could be. So their interests are being with a hot guy. Are you going to tell me you wouldn't pick the hottest available girl if you could choose from a list?

    • I dont go by looks first and by the way im a good looking guy


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  • There are two possibilities I can think of: either they get too many messages to be able to reply to them all, or they just don't check them often enough and haven't seen your message. It might also just be that they don't want to reply unless they're saying "yes".

  • Just some tips:

    1) Go for women who have the same SMV as you, if you are a 7, go for 7's
    2) Go for women your age
    3) Put effort into your profile so they can get to know who you are

    They probably don't respond because they either don't want to be rude or are no longer using the site

    • So ugly people should be with ugly people?

    • I wouldn't put it like that, but people will have a better chance of getting a partner is they go for someone with the same SMV.

  • A lot of times people don't want to hurt someones feelings and it can feel like you are hurting someones feelings by telling them you aren't interested in them. No one wants to hear that

    • Why wouldn't they be interested in me without knowing me?

    • By what they read in your profile. I'm sure you have read profiles that didn't intrigue you. They may not be intrigued by your profile or you may not be what they are looking for. It's easier to move on than to actually say that to someone.

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  • Women love the tangible and surreal. It's very hard to create a simple but deep connection when you can't place a hand on theirs over a cup of coffee when you talk about a certain topic. Online dating has to be a very sensitive and thoughtful. Both people have to be vulnerable. Sorry if it doesn't make sense but just know if the world was perfect, love would be easy.

  • They get a massive number of messages.