Does he want to date me or are we just banging?

Been seeing this guy for a two months, the first month I was going on dates with other people and making sure I was over my ex before I got involved in anything serious. I have a tendency to give off a vibe that I'm not interested when I am. I ran into him at the bar and he drove me home, we had sex. Following weekend, after him asking to hangout all week, I told him I wasn't looking for a friends with benefits thing so we should just be friends if that's what he wanted. He called me within seconds to tell me he really likes me and didn't understand. Now, i've gotten really close with him and I'm worried he's just keeping me around for sex. We've only had sex twice so far. He acts like my boyfriend (compliments me, pays for my stuff if were out with friends, texts me everyday, kisses me In public, we bike ride together) HOWEVER, he sometimes makes comments to me in front of his friends that I'm not ok with. Things about me hooking up with him. He's trying to be cool in front of them so whatever I let it slide but then last night he mentioned something to me without them around us. He told me about how he once banged a girl in a frat house bathroom when all i said was how I took my little brother up to college? also, last weekend he hung out with my ex. They invited me and all my friends, but no one went so it was just them hanging out.


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  • Why not just ask him what you are and define the relationship? Tell him you feel like he's keeping you around for sex when he said he wouldn't do that to you. If you don't feel comfortable talking to him about that just yet introduce him to someone he hasn't meet yet and have her ask him what you guys are. He's showing mixed singles.. the fact that he's kissing you in public tells me that he probably doesn't have anyone else in his life or anything. I can understand why your confused and your best bet is to talk to him about it.


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  • Sounds like he just has problems being a gentleman nothing to do with him liking you or not.


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  • If he wanted to date you he would ask you out on an actual date. I would definitely be careful about him and the fact he had sex with other girls is a clear sign that he does not look for a serious relationship, otherwise he would clearly show you that. Not to mention the fact that he hangs out with your ex, it's just kind of weird and would definitely bother me. So just be careful and don't spend too much time and energy on trying to make it something more that it is.

    • We've gone on dates, and he banged the girl a long time ago he was just sharing an old story like I was his bro lol

    • Oh okay, well that's better then. But still be careful or try to talk to him and find out what his intetions are?

    • Thanks! And yeah the hanging out with my ex thing is super weird to me. My ex texted me to tell me the new guy really likes me. I got a new phone number.