If someone seems too interested and too attached too soon?

Like you've gone on one date and they already call you babe, text you all day, get jealous if you talk to anyone else of the opposite gender, etc.

What would you think of that?


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  • Leave, they're bonkers and possessive.


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  • It depends on:
    a.) Have I had sex with her?

    If "a" has already happened early on, then I'd probably understand why she's attached but I'd be careful not to hurt this girl. I can get clingy so I empathize with growing attached too quickly but this person needs to know that she and I aren't at that point yet, so she would need to take two steps back.

    So overall "what would I think of that", I would be empathetic and just try to be considerate of the girl's feelings because I know the feeling myself and girl's I've been involved with weren't too considerate of me so I know how badly a person can become hurt when they've let themselves become attached too quickly.

  • I don't mind clingy so if I really liked her then that's fine with me. I crave attention.