Forgive the people around me so that I can't dislike them?

I've learned that no matter how many times you tell people something is wrong for them they still won't listen to you. My sister as well as my ex's new girlfriend who is kind of like a friend didn't believe me when I told them these two guys are cheaters. I get there side as they don't want to be alone yet these guys are aren't trustworthy. I want to learn to forgive these guys, my sister and my ex's new gf. I want to learn to accept their poor decisions as well as forgive for them trying to make it like I'm the one that's wrong. The guys know that I know they are both players but of course won't say anything. If anything they will deny it all. Yet I'm sure if I confront them they will start talking to me crap about these two women. My brother in law many times has wanted to talk to me one on one and I don't do it because I know he will talk bad about my sister. Start justifying his cheating so I don't even bother with it. My ex and I were close until I dumped him and he knows I don't take bull. I think different from the average girl but that's because I've learned through my experiences as well as I don't just buy in to anything. I've learned in this life there are just a few people you can put your trust in.


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  • You presume any of this is your business. You have no authority to forgive. You can do nothing to enforce your will on others. I will assist you here: once you begin to understand you are powerless in this regard, you are likely to feel anger, frustration maybe even anxiety and depression. You will have to deal with these as they occur.


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  • I think its best to stay out of families relationships and friends because now a days people are gonna do what make them happy weather this person likes it or not plus we live in a world where you do half to focus on yourself in order to get to where you wanna be so you do half to be out for yourself just not do it in a selfish matter and steal someone else hardwork and craft but i think even though your doing the right thing by caring and telling them the truth because you been threw it with that person or you know how those people are its best your friends and family find out for themselves and not by you because you don't need to dill with the drama people created on there own you warned them if they don't have sense enough to trust a person who hasent gave them a reason not to trust them then thats there own fault you keep being you and do the things you think is right cause sooner or later people will see that or agree with you and even appreciate you for giving them a heads up on another person who isn't at all a good person to have in there life

    • You're right. I get along with the two women but I cut off my ex. He wanted to stay friends and I thought he was being genuine. Come to find out he keeps his exes for backups.

    • Yeap ik some jerk off guys like that there desparate for what they can't have and now wonder girls ignore them and there single