Is Our Friendship Strange?

I am 23, and my best friend is a girl. I have known her since I was middle school. We also went to the same high school and the university (it was a university in our hometown).

During the course of our friendship... it remained just that... FRIENDS!

I have dated a few girls and had sex once. And she has dated a few guys and had sex a few times. Nothing major.

Despite all this... we feel very comfortable around each other. Sometimes she will come to my apartment and we will cuddle and watch a movie. We share each other's drinks. She sometimes sleeps with me in my bed when she stays over (nothing sexual involved).

We have also seen each other naked many times and we aren't afraid of being naked around each other. For example, after we work out at the gym, we go back to my place and shower together.

I would like to say that there is no sex in this relationship. We have never had sex together and we have never kissed. When we first saw each other naked, we jokingly took jabs at our each others parts... but we don't do that anymore.

Is it strange to be this close to a girl without being in a relationship with her?


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  • I don't think its strange at all I actually think that its pretty cool you both have someone who you can open up with and be yourself and be that comfortable with. It sounds like a great friendship just make sure you BOTH know that its a FRIENDSHIP and nothing more (unless you wanted something else, but I doubt you did since neither of you have ever tried anything) haha anyways, its not strange at all I'm jealous :)

  • Unless one of you is gay and the other uninterested, YES it's very strange.
    I am baffled by the fact that one of you is not head over heels in love with the other by now.

    Unless that's what's going on here?

  • I think that's pretty cool. She must really trust you as a friend, or she thinks your gay. That could be it. But I wish I had a guy friend that was that close with me. So it's not strange it's just kind of rare but I think it's 100% awesome

  • holy. I'm so jealous of your relationship. believe me thats not strange at all. its good to have someone that you feel that comfortable around. i mean unless you want something more there doesn't seem to be a problem with it.


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  • Perhaps just enjoy it for what it is especially if it comes naturally.

    Though IMO, sounds like you got a good thing going and, again IMO, don't think too far into it.