My crush is avoiding me and I feel really terrible?

I had been playing fights with my crush, she's always the one who started it, she would hit me first, and both us ended up have red and sore arms. It was fun tho, and we both have a lot of physical contact which i liked it alot. We flirt everyday. She even hugged me once when she was playfully blocking me way. I had liked her for two years already, we are in the same class as each other for 3 years. Next year for sure we are going to be in the same class as each other. She knows i liked someone in class and she kept askin me who it was, it is her but I didn't admit it. I fear it will spoil our friendship and become awkward with her, I dont want that as we had a lesson when i sit beside her and every morning short lectures. She even texted me who my crush was, and kept bugging me to tell her. That was months ago. And our play fights stop a week ago, when she found out that I liked her, and she started to avoid me. She still laughs at jokes when the teacher jokes about me, and even asked me for stationaries, but nothing more. Its been a week since we had a proper conversation. Since I actually talked to her. The morning lectures where she sits beside me, she moved to another seat too. It really saddens me, alot. I can tell she had started to avoid me too, and it hurts.

I know this isn't really a question, but i need advices on these?


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  • Aww, I see where you're coming from. I had a friend that was in a very similar situation to this but don't worry they're friends again. I think its just that she's maybe in shock or doesn't know what to do since now she knows that you have a thing for her. I'm afraid that its most likely that she sees you as a really close friend and sadly nothing more (sorry but I think thats what is going on). So what should you do? Maybe let her be for a bit until you feel like you should go and talk to her about it. Seriously, its just gonna get worse if the both of you avoid each other and don't talk, you don't want that friendship to sink. Make the first move (as in talking) and just say you never meant for it to be awkward between you guys and I don't know try to lighten and sort things between you guys and where you and her stand and maybe just give her a piece offering (even though you liking her is not wrong, but give her something that maybe you guys get all the time like smoothies or ice-cream I don't know that one you have to think about, and just say you really miss your good friend). Hopefully things will go well eeek fingers crossed. All the best :)

    • thank you for you advice :) i just hope things will go well and maybe i'll wait for another week and see how things goes. If its still the same, i will go and talk to her.

    • Great and no problemo, glad I could help sort of ahaha. Good luck.


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  • Well she might not feel the same way and doesn't know how to tell you so she's avoiding you.

  • I would ask her about it. be honest, i mean in my opinion, it would kill me not knowing what's going on. so i would confront her about it, its better to know the truth than to now know at all.


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