A question for the girls - does it ever bother anyone when a "guy" loses interest after dating a while & instead of just saying it just stops talking?

I'm sure it has happened to us all at one time or another. Start dating and everything seems really great and then suddenly like a complete jerk just stops communicating all together. Why can't they man up grow a set and just say hey it isn't going anywhere? Personally I think it is because all men are idiots and for whatever the reason are afraid or just trying to keep us as an option while looking into something else and when that doesn't pan out then we are suddenly the best thing since sliced bread again.

Point being do the right thing and don't leave someone hanging because you might find something better. Playing with a persons feelings is not right.


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  • I'm pretty sure some girls do this too...
    I know the feel and it has happened several times to me. It always hurts but then I realize they are just assholes and that I can do much better. Best is to just not linger on it and keep moving forward.


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  • I had experience this. I remember the days when she was very silent, her messenger was offline, my phone was never ringing, no texts and no voice from her for a straight whole month. I was clearly lost, not knowing where she had gone to, and I kept imagining and thinking of her, crying at the corner of my bed, feeling helpless... :(

    • Deeply sorry and it stinks. They leave us wondering what we did. Sometimes I wonder if they get a sick kick out of doing that to other people.

    • Yeah, dont just talk! You better not do that to your future bf! I will curse you!
      Mutual break up is the way! :D

  • Guys aren't the only ones that do that. My ex of 2 years out of the blue just dumped me one day and I thought everything was going great

    • Thank you that is my point - everything going great and then wham side lined and no explanation. I'm sorry she did that to you. All idiots need to wear a sign so they can be avoided

    • Please it's a mess... If you don't mind reading my question and giving me your input On the situation I would appreciate it

    • It's "mission get my ex back"

  • I only treat bitches like that. Women I have respect for I would never just stop talking to her & most men are the same way. When we act like the "idiots" we all are, trust me it's for a reason & he obviously don't give a damn what you think of him.

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    • @twilightsakura- If a woman is going to be a bitch, I will treat her accordingly. And by the question asker calling me an idiot in her?, That's exactly what she is. It's no wonder guys leave her hanging hi & dry. And yea, my mother raised me to treat people as they have treated me. As I have raised my daughter to do the same.

      I don't hear you bipping off to the Asker when she called ALL men idiots. Buts that's alright, isn't it. Now go talk about your own mother.

    • Oh so NOT having had a fight and kissing him bye and he says see you tomorrow sweetie, again no indicator that anything is wrong, and then go cold silent with no explanation and act distant and cold. That's normal behavior and supposedly I'm at fault according to you. This is how you are raising your daughter?

  • Wow someone is a bit of a bitch.

    • Oh so you treat women like shit too. Out

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    • You one to talk about insults with that overused hand thing. How about you act your age instead of like some high school drama queen?

    • And what you had to say is not important either. If you didn't want to retort you wouldn't have and obviously you wanted to argue as well or you wouldn't have kept it up either. There is no drama. I knew my statement was going to draw fire from others. I have read many thoughts and questions from guys on this site who thought all women use and abuse and discard. Sadly rude, thoughtless bad people just exist in this world. Behind those statements is usually raw emotions that are trying to heal. We are all entitled to our thoughts and opinions. You don't know me and thankfully I don't know you.

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  • I find that with Today's toms they are sporadic, unpredictable And Suddenly, out of the blue---Grow Cold duck feet when cornered and scared, waddling Quickly back Into the murky waters from which they came from.
    It's called not wanting to be hooked at the hip, not wanting a Real relationship, and being Afraid of A Real relationship with the------Big "C," which is Commitment. Many just want to 'Date,' Not looking for a 'Mate,' and when they feel things Might become Too 'Great,' they back off, even some 'Disappear,' and Nothing was even given a chance to find out if it would have changed down the line, so 'That doesn't pan out.' It goes dead in the water, and you are now feeling like Chopped suet.
    And yes, perhaps 'Finding something else,' that doesn't work out, they Can And Sometimes Do come back with their tails between their legs, looking for a Second Chance in 'Romance,' Only to find that you are Still the same, and they haven't changed much, because they will do This Again to us as this problem pattern, even though they know--------We are the best thing sliced bread again. xx

    • Not a bad take on it.

    • Thanks, sweetie... Pretty much have it nailed, although I saw your updates, and like myself---Your final touch to this... I agree one hundred percent with you as well... xx

  • you don't have to bother with person like that. because of what he did you can meet someone who is not a jerk like him.

  • Yes or they want to just keep sleeping with you. Like really! Get your sex and ego boost with another girl.