False hope alert? I dont know, help me guys?

So, I recently met a guy online. We live in the same country, but he's currently studying abroad. For a week, we've been chatting and stuffs. I kind of confuse, at one moment I felt like he's into me but then at one moment he seems like not interested with me. He rarely find a topic for us to talk, so basically I ask more than he asked me. And because I fed up, all he does is answer my question and rarely ask back. So, I decised to just end the chat by saying "haha okayy" but then he started asking "what r u doing?" And so on. Perhaps "what r u doing" is the only question he's ever asked me. Whenever the chat is about to end, he'll ask "what r u doin" but never tried to make a new topic. I kind of confused. And then today, he sent me a voice message! I'm kind of shocked. And after several chats, he asked me, "do you want to video call with me? Its okay if you dont want" and so I said that I want.. I WENT CRAZY! Its sleeping hours, so I change my pjs to something cute, brush my hair, wash my face and just trying to look my best. I look into the camera every second just to make sure I look good. But then, no reply after 3 hours from him. I saw him changed his profpic but he still not replying my chat. So yeah, what do you guys think? Is he just not interested or what..


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  • Take it from someone who had this type of relationship for two years that it's just not worth it at all. It started out amazing, like really really amazing and it ended horribly. No mater how much you talk to the other person you just can't learn everything about them when you're that far. Eventually one of you will find someone else that is nearby. Save yourself the heartbreak and end it. You've only been chatting for a week and sorry to say, but it's already rocky.


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  • I think you are better off looking somewhere else.