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So my coworker and I went out and ended up making out in the car. we admitted we liked each other but he wants to think about it. i am in the middle of divorce and have three children he has never been married no kids. he said it scares him with the whole kid thing. but I was talking to him tonight and he asked if he could see pictures of them so does that mean he is thinking about giving this a try?


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  • Maybe, this is a hard place to be in, if he dates you not only will he be involved w/ you romantically but if it were to get serious w/ u he would have to be a father figure towards your children and that is a lot of pressure. It's like jumping into fatherhood without even seeding them and raising them yourself and that feels weird. Either way they might not like him and that might cause problems or they might get attached to him and the relationship might not work out and they will be sad that he's gone, or worse case scenario he might end up being bad and it will have an impact on them. Not to mention whatever drama or bullshit you have to deal with the biological father (s). Most guys would NEVER want to deal with this and would rather start their own family from scratch so I don't know good luck

    • He had said to give him some time to think about it the night we talked and he wants to out again.

    • Also only one father the ex husband who cheated etc I tried to make it work it didn't.

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  • awww give him some time to digest it and dont get too attached until he knows what he wants.