Is it a red flag to guys if girl hates her father?

My dad is emotionally and verbally abusive and controlling to me and to others. He also tries to control me and my life and hold it over me that he has provided for me during my life. isn't that the job of a parent to make sure a child has what she needs?

Naturally I harbor a lot of resentment towards him that has built up for a long time. I even was in therapy and probably still need more. He doesn't want me to make my own choices and wants to control me and he has said such horrible things to me and about me. Really wreaked havoc on my self esteem.

Anyhow I really dislike him and I do have daddy issues. After a while of dating a guy it comes out how my father is controlling. I've had times where I left the house upset and I ended up telling my boyfriend I hate my father and he's a control freak.

I told my boyfriend all about how awful mi padre is. My boyfriend is older than me.

Does this make me a bad girl? s it a red flag to men? My boyfriend doesn't seem to care one way or another just says he is sorry my dad upsets me and try not to let it get to me.

But I have to wonder.

Yes it has totally had psychological impact on me.


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  • It depends what you mean by 'red flag'. Do I think she's wrong to hate her father? That depends on the situation. Some people do deserve hate. It's right to hate a genuinely abusive father. It's wrong in fact not to hate him.

    But regardless whether she's right or wrong to hate him, I would worry about the psychological effect her relationship with her father has had on her. So that could be a red flag


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  • Is not really a red flag but a lot of times it can effect your relationship. My gf has daddy issues. He was a bum her whole life would break promise after promise her whole life. So that along with a few bad bf before me some trust issues. So she would get jealous or not believe things I said and so forth. But talking about your issues with your bf there is nothing wrong about that it's actually encouraging as you can release those feelings of frustration.

  • It would worry me a bit and I would be a bit more cautious with a potential gf if she had a bad relationship with her father. However it sounds like you have a few reasons to be upset with him.


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  • Sometimes that can mess a woman up, but not in all cases. Today, it's actually quite common for people to grow up in single parent homes, so it's almost like becoming the norm. I've seen this have negative effects on people & not so much on others. The others had a great family though, & were receiving support from their grandparents. My niece has a horrible father, & her mother raises her alone. But my parents have always stepped up & been active in her life, so it's almost like she has 3 parents. Another little girl I know is raised by a single mother whose life is a train wreck & doesn't give her daughter any support. Due to this, the girl has all sorts of problems. It just depends on the situation & how the kid responds to the environment around them.