My best friend is like a brother?

So my best guy friend is like a brother that I never had. There is a few year age difference between us and stuff. Like I said. I've known him since we where both very young and I've always had feelings for him. Like I love him to death in every way possible. He's my best friend and I don't wanna loose his friend ship but I really want him to be mine. He's hugged me a lot and the other day kissed me out of no where. How do I show him that we would be happy together? How do I make him consider dating me?


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  • Ask him out. Please.

    • I wish it was that easy. When I asked why he kissed me he said everything just kinda lead to it. Like nothing lead to it tho because we where poking each other and eating icecream. And he kissed me and i don't know why and he has a girlfriend. We've known each other since I was 5 and he was 7


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  • Break the ice and ask him , I know this will take a lot of courage but you must or you may never know.


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  • Hang out, somewhere you're both comfortable and tell him, if you both are so close and care so much about each other you should be honest and tell him and know he will at least respect what you're thinking and feeling, and with the fact he already kissed you he probably is feeling something for you and that was his way of letting you know.

    • But how do I tell him?

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    • Yeah. Thank you so much. Your so smart.

    • Wouldn't say smart just been here, done this (even just put up a question of my own lol) and it's easier to see it from the outside then when your in it and have all of the emotions that go with it, but thank you for your kind words and I hope everything goes well for you.