On a dating website?

How come I keep getting all the fake scammers and webcam models like what am I doing wrong cause every decent girlbi start to talk to stuff goes south because if these reasons


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  • that is why you have to filter them.. my current bf i met him online, i had to go through guys only wanted sex and weirdos that offer money wth? .. so just ne careful

    • They act so real until you get sucked in

    • There's more than one kind of those scammers. There are the ones that automatically respond no matter what you say. Then there's the ones soliciting their "cams" on some pay website. Basically someone is on the other end trying to get very basic responses out of you "Yes/No/Why/OK" and that makes you feel like you're having a conversation, they say they like you and then BOOM come see me on my website, you need ro make an account and a credit card but it's fine because I like you.

      You can test whether you're talking to auto responses by just typing in one character for a few messages and read the inappropriate responses to whatever you said. You'll notice they don't match up.


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  • That's the way online dating is. You never know who is behind that computer screen just by looking at a picture. Lots of people use that anonymity to screw with others in some way. You're not doing anything wrong - it's just the scammers messing around with you.


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  • You're not doing anything wrong. You're a male. AKA, an easy target. They take advantage of desperate males who just want someone to talk to (since women are so picky with their daily 100+ messages) There is no end to males on dating sites. As such there will be no end to scammers. As such, get used to realizing who you're talking to/getting messages from. Don't ever get desperate because you could easily fall into a scam trap.

  • I hate online dating. I tried them all, I am on Tinder now, and girls lose interest sooooo fast!