How to get a guy with a gf, no hate thanks?

ok ok i don't need any comments like don't intrude or your gonna cause trouble. Because i know i'm right for him she cheats on him and takes advantage of him and he has done the same with me, he has come to my house and we watched movies. please they need to end it, they aren't right together. Also they both moved schools. i just needs some tips and tricks thanks y'all xxxxxxxxxx


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  • If you can steal him, he can be stolen from you too, keep that in mind.


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  • Buy or read a book about body language written by someone who has studied it academically. You must understand as well the importance of appropriate (stress appropriate) smiling, eye contact, and other facial expressions and learn how to understand these gestures in others. You can learn to use your body language to reward your target guy and make yourself approachable to him. Always stand or sit as close to him as you may, and rub shoulders while walking together or let your leg rest against his if you luckily find yourself sitting next to him. Later, after you've established what you feel is rapport, you may hold his hand when possible.

    Meanwhile, a bit more tricky is starting and maintaining a conversation. Make a list of comments likely to start him talking in response. Sometimes just "It's a great day!" will do to get things started, but then you have to keep the conversation rolling. Don't ask questions, but make statements out of your questions, like "I see you here quite a bit," ad lib. You want him talking, so nod uh huh, uh uh, et cetera. Never say no, but say ummmm, uhhhh. Keep him talking all about himself until he feels you know him well, be a good listener.

    These are some basic applied psychology techniques among many which rise into great complexity, but will give you a start. You approach him through the five senses by looking, smelling, and sounding (et cetera) good. Always wear a bit of red, orange, or pink tastefully and just a hint to say, "Hey, look at me over here."

    Finally, there is no moral or ethical dilemma in the situation you describe. We are all humans and we all manipulate others as well as we can. If it applies, I want to add that sex is healthy, good for self-esteem, harms no one, and is lots of fun. Always use a condom. Have all the sex you want.

  • Ok no hate then, but there really is no tricks.

    Be yourself is the only true trick.

  • What the actual fuck...


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  • What do you "get with a guy"?