Unsure about a girl, I'm sending her mixed signals and I feel bad about it. What should I do?

So there's this girl and I really like her, but I don't know if she likes me back. We flirt, tease and joke around all the time, I've felt that there was a mutual attraction between us and I believe there's sexual tension between us.

But what is stopping me from pursuing her is I don't know if she serious or whether or not this is just how she is with friends. She does enjoy a flirt (that's fine) and she does like male attention, so I am not sure whether or she likes me or just enjoys some harmless flirting and banter.

She touches me every time she sees me, she was away for a few weeks recently and asked me if I missed her when I saw her for the first time. She keeps bringing up the fact I am not too overly emotional and has brought up the fact I told her I liked her when I was drunk on every occasion we've seen each other since. She has stated she has liked me in the past, she tells me she misses me.

She has made subtle hints that she wants a relationship but because we're always joking around, flirting, teasing and making fun of each other, I am not sure whether she's messing around or is actually serious. So I'm not sure and as a result I'm sending mixed signals which isn't fair to her and she hasn't said anything but if I was in her shoes and she does actually like me, I'd be annoyed as hell and would probably just assume I wasn't interested.

So what should I do?


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  • Sounds like you mutually like each other and both want a relationship, but you each have had this fun/joking type of flirt thing going on for too long now. You both are confused about what the other wants. You both are a bit scared to put your self on the line and make the move. I would just sit her down and say you want to be serious for a minute and tell her that you do like her and would like to try a relationship with her. I think you both are on good enough terms and are mature enough that you can be honest and let your guard down without hurting anyone or upsetting anyone. Someone has to make the move, this isn't just going to happen on its own. She is probably just dying waiting for you to ask her!

    • You're right man, I'm going to have to find my balls, I'm going to have put myself in the firing line and ask her out and I'm going to have to learn to be more open and concise with my communication. My problem is I'm just far too wooden and I haven't gotten so used to having this girl around as a friend that it feels slightly strange that it could become more, I mean I want it to be more, but when you accept friendship, you never think it's ever going to be something more or the possibility will arise.

      I'll kick myself in the head if I miss out on this girl because I couldn't make my mind up.


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  • It's a little tough to tell but she might be interested

    • I'm just going to ask her out and then I'll know one way or another.

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    • Yes definitely it's probably driving her nuts lol

    • I know but she hasn't helped matters.

      She seems interested in another guy, she even referred to him as her favorite guy in front of me, she spent an entire party with him and all but ignored me and according to him she allegedly asked him when he was going to take her out. So I got the impression she was interested in him and not me, so I decided to pull away.

      There's plenty more fish in the sea, so I am not going to get salty over one girl who doesn't feel the same way, I'll just find someone else who does.

  • Go for it and find out


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  • it seems like she's interested bruh but maybe her patience is dying out.

    • I don't blame her, she's a beautiful girl and has a lot of admirers, I wouldn't blame her, if her patience ran out.

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    • I couldn't agree more man.

      I'm ready to do this shit.

      Thanks man, I appreciate it.

    • no problem buddy:) go get her!

  • Then quit jerking her emotions around and ask her out on a date.