I've been dating my boyfriend for 2 years now and the last few months I haven't felt the same about him...

I feel like he's getting old or something...but I still love him...i don't know what to do..should I tell him..?


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  • I'm confused when you say I haven't felt the same about him but I still love him. What do you mean by that? Are your feelings for him dissipating?

    You have to also remember that people will change over time. People say that people don't change but a lot of people do, especially when they are about to enter, or are in, their 20s.

    IMO, you should just talk to him and tell him how you feel because maybe he feels the same about you. Maybe you're not the same to him as well. Communication is the most important thing in any relationship. Just be honest and open.


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  • i have a different perspective on your question:

    what are _you_ doing to bring some spice, energy and variety to the relationship?

    what are _you_ doing that might lead him to pull away?

    i don't ask because it's a matter of blame. I ask because you can't control him, you can control only yourself. so what's in your power? try to show an interest in him, schedule new activities together, and so on. see how he responds.


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  • No! Don't tell him. I have been in this same position. First of all you need to try to identify why you are feeling this way. If this are getting old, find a way to spice them up. or if things are getting old and you feel like your love for him is fading its prob time to get out. But, if you still love him give it some time. I felt the same way. I was getting tired of the same ol same ol, but I loved him and really wanted to be with him. So one day I decided to sit down and write all the things I loved about him and why I fell in love with him in the first place, along with re introducing some of the flirty things we used to do when we first met. After a little time, the love I once had for him was back, and it was like our very first month together all over again. Don't let a routine or comfortableness ruin your relationship, if you still love him. Work it out with yourself, don't let him know. It will just tear him apart (more then likely if He's a good guy) and it will also cause him to be all over you and/or lavish you with stuff to the point its annoying. Handle this one yourself. Hope this helps : ) always remember how YOU acted when you first met, act that way again, and he is soon to follow