He called me hot. Is my friend hitting on me?

I've known this guy for a few years now and to be honest we aren't that close. I used to see him in school a few times and we'd just have a little chat when we saw each other.

At a reunion a few years ago, I noticed that my friend was acting flirtacious with me. He ended up walking me home 3 in the morning and later asked for my number because he needed a 'favour'.

He has written to me throughout last year, asking how I'm doing and texting me to hear whether I'm free to meet up.

Yesterday he wrote to me and said that every time he passes my house when leaving work he thinks of me. He then later on said that I looked hot no matter what casual stuff I wore. He also said that when I got back from my holiday, he would give me a call so we could meet up.

Is he hitting on me?


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  • Yes, he is hitting on you or at least interested on if it might work between the two of you.


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  • He likes you and you have friendzoned him. Before he become a complete ass hole like me coz of repeated rejection set things straight.

  • Obviously from his behavior.

  • Yes

    On other news, water is wet


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