Should I leave her alone or try again? Confused?

Basically I gave my crush a card and some chocolate on Valentine's day to show her my feelings. I just put a basic paragraph inside telling her she's beautiful etc. After about 4-5 days I got a text from her saying thanks a lot for the card and chocolate it was "sweet" and "unexpected". She also apologised as she "made things awkward" as she didn't expect it.
I told her this was fine etc and had a couple of conversations with her over a period of 3 days or so. And I even spoke to her during school for about an hour and we had so much in common it made me extremely happy, we both had good laughs and shared stories, she even brought up her ex who she hates now which I thought was strange but..
However I hit a bit of a low and just gave up on her as I saw no point in carrying on as I thought I'd be wasting my time and she also gets a lot of attention from other boys but hasn't had a boyfriend recently. I haven't spoke to her since and thought I forgot about her completely.
Despite not talking to her for months I recently keep having dreams about here and have become very attached again and everytime someone with her name is on TV etc I start to feel upset again. I haven't got over her but.. wouldn't it be weird to all of a sudden pop out of the woodwork again and start talking? I'm not sure whether to leave her alone and try and forget about her or do something, and I'm not sure what to do if I decide to try again.
Sorry to babble like a mini story, thanks for all help:)


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  • You need to realise the biggest and most lasting regret any person can have is never to have tried. The worry or wondering about if it could have been will eat you up and stop you from being able to fully give yourself to someone else. At this point even if she says no or flatout rejects you, for your sake you need to ask her out or at least talk to her and be a bit more open and confident. You made choices for her and caught her off guard. I am not sure what you thought would happen and what you think might happen but if you leave things like they are you will not get over it. Go talk to her be open about things and ask her out. She is probably just as confused about what you are doing as you are about what you are doing. Like I said though, even if it is a total bust and she wants nothing to do with you at least you will know and no longer wonder what could have been.

    • Thanks a lot man, I totally agree. I can't see myself relaxing until I receive a definitive answer, whether it is yes or no.


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  • After giving your 'Sweet' her Sweets, and with This was her only reaction was This, that although you both had shared a few laughs and giggles, it went nowhere, not even a helpful hint on her end to---Pursue more than it was and that was----Just friends.
    I also feel that if she really liked you herself, with you 'losing her number' like, she could have pushed a few buttons on her end by asking you where you went? It's been... Months even now...
    Let sleeping dogs lie, don't stir up old memories, don't get your heart in a Jump start for a possible let down. Unless you don't mind going through it all over again, I would leave this little pup in a corner and just move on. You deserve to be giving your Chocolates to some other sweetie pie, sweetie.
    Good luck. xx

  • Try again and see how things work with her.

  • I honestly think you should give it one last go and ask her out. If it doesn't work out remain friends and move on.


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  • Whatever you do, you gotta fix your approach. Your first act should be to ask her out, not send her chocolates and a letter.

    It's probably best to move on to another girl. She's likely not interested.