I can't seem to get a boyfriend?

I've been single for a while and I haven't even been trying to get in one. But i find it hard to find someone good to be with. I'm afraid to tell my crush that i like him to his face even though my friend already hinted it. I'm scared he might not think im good enough or pretty. She told me she told him and she tried to get me to talk to him but i chickened out. :( What should i do?

and i find myself confusing flirting and being nice because i guess i just want affection and haven't felt in a while


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  • All I can say is try, cause that's ultimately what you need to do. You need to build up some confidence in yourself and take a leap of faith. I know it's not easy, but that's a risk you need to be willing to take.


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  • It happens with me as well it just so happens my insecurities prevent me from being successful with girls so I always accidentally use the stuttering stanley method. And I bet you'll find someone just find someone who has hobbies u can relate to also it always helps to smile. I try smiling but personally people tell me I look ugly either way which is why I refer to just being the nerdy kid in the corner with no girl But perhaps you should be asking yourself this as I also ask my self. Do u want a boyfriend/girlfriend for attention or for a actual relationship?

    • first off you're not ugly but finding people who relate to me is hard when i'm shy and nervous. i tend to either say something stupid and embarrassing. And yes, i actually want to be in a relationship for me not for attention

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    • Sry it took me long to reply I just worked out sry anyways I love reading too in fact im in honors English that way I can read more books and stuff I just got done reading bless me Ultima which I would highly recommend to u and I used to play football last year I played as a receiver a cornerback, I also tried as a lineman even though im skinny but I quit football becuz of my teammates being jerks and not caring about the game but only about looking good for the girls. But anyways enough of that I also like the big an theory as well and I have a huge fear for heights for roller coasters which I also love going on and the anime I watch is Naruto (btw is probably the anime that motivates me to workout) Death Note and I am currently on Yugioh the original series I know im such a nerd :) what about u now?

  • "haven't even been trying", "find it hard"
    How would you know if it was hard if you haven't been trying. Here's the only useful advice you're going to get, TRY

    • i know it's hard when i recently started crushing on my crush.

    • Ya, it sucks that there are so many amazing, dateable people out there but we get stuck on one person. I'm a huge hypocrite because I've never actually asked a girl out before, and easily get attached to girls with BF's and what not. Good luck, you really should just ask out your crush, the worst he can do is say no, and in the grand scheme of things it won't matter.

    • yeah, it does suck. And i only tried once (asking this guy out) and it went well for a short period of time. but at least i tried. it feels different this time i guess.

  • men and women alike share this problem... your never sure how a crush feels about you but I've told my crush... i didn't get rejected in the way youd think.. she just simply said you dont know enough about me get to know me better first... that was a couple years ago haha


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  • Take it easy and don't think so much about it, I'm not so good with flirting with guys either but I'm still learning and I'm a junior in high school. Don't worry so much about getting a boyfriend because I dated my ex throughout high school when he was a freshman and I was a sophomore but it didn't last very long. If you like a guy or you think you do, then get to know him, say hi to him or how was your day? Take it easy and just think of it as interviewing people. I apologize if I can't give you the best advice I'm not all that social myself but I'm still learning and trying to figure myself out. Who cares if your not good enough or pretty enough you shouldn't let what people think of you control what you think of yourself. Because honestly you are just beating yourself up. I used to think about what people thought of me, and I used to think of what people would think of me if they saw me wear a dress or something but I don't care what people think of me anymore. Because at the end of the day all that matters is what I think of myself. Have confidence in yourself for one thing and never compare yourself to other girls. No matter how pretty, or gorgeous they may be. An original is worth more than a couple. My confidence used to be low but not anymore I know I'm beautiful and pretty etc. Don't chase love, let love chase you when you are in love you will know it by the way they treat you. My ex treated me like a dog and i should've known better but instead I got hurt. He lied to me, he cheated on me, and told me to go to hell so we haven't talked in 6 months its been. But my advice is to just get to know guys before you decide you want to jump. Because you might end up hitting your head I hit mine but I've healed and gotten over it and now know what I deserve in a relationship and who I want to be with. So don't rush into falling so quickly, just take baby steps and be yourself and the right person will come to you.

    • This is the best advice ever and it just made me feel 100 times better. Thank you fo this and making me think about things i haven't before. by the way i'm a junior also and find it hard to be social sometimes. thanks again you're sweet and kind!! :)

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    • That's good keep working on it and you will feel much better about yourself, and no problem anytime you are welcome (:

    • @areucherr I struggle with just trying to strike up conversations with guys that's all I just want guy friends pretty much less drama to worry about you know? Not that I am in any drama. Interact with guys and get to know them and don't' try to fall in love so quickly just take it easy. Have you ever tried talking to any guys in your classes? Like a simple hello, or ask them how they are?