Should I ask my boyfriend if he wants kids?

My boyfriend and i have a very open relationship when it comes to communication. We've been together for six months and i want to know if he wants kids when he's married or when he really wants to have kids with someon. i dont mean with me unless he wants to have kids with me but i just want to know if thats something he would want. Would that be something ok to ask?

  • no, You should wait until your more serious
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  • it's fine to ask. if you're worried ask it in a lighthearted general way like "Hey, sweetie. Where do you see yourself in five, ten years time? Big boss at work? Family man? A bad-ass adventurer exploring the world?"


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  • well if it means a lot to that he wants kids its better to know sooner than later especially if you want kids and he wants nothing to do with them thats one of those fundamental questions that any serious couple should ask themselves

  • you should wait until it get very serious 6 months it's too soon
    you start to know each other and also it's the best way to scare a man away
    to us it's like you trying to set a trap on us
    just wait a bit longer but you still can ask if he likes kids

  • It's fine to ask. I wouldn't be like do u want kids with me but just ask him in general what does he want out of life. Own a business kids wife etc

  • Go ahead and ask. Wouldn't bother me none

  • Be careful you're approaching a taboo subject for us men!


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