What kind of a girl should I get?

Just curious upon the thought of what kinda girl will suit a person like me.
I am 25. I am a graduate and on the final level of a professional degree. I started my own work with a friend. Basically I am self employed. I have a very nice family which includes my mom dad and an elder sister. I do not drink or smoke but I am open minded and don't mind what other person does and does not unless its affecting her health. I had a very small relationship just for about 2-3 months. We don't call it a relationship because we are still friends but we kinda liked each other at different points. Forget it. I am also a virgin and that too a kissless virgin. The only thing which makes me worry about my past is sexting. I had, god knows why, sexted with some random girls anonymously online (including pics without faces). I stopped it completely 5 months ago and had never shared it with any of my friends. Me and my family have a great reputation in my society. My friends say I am a very nice guy to be around and they love me for my decency and friendly behaviour.
I was just wondering what kind of girl should like me? I am not looking for prospects here, lol.


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  • Attraction doesn't work like this pal, attraction is not something which can be taught in the same way an academic study can. You go for the woman who knocks you off your feet, that gives you that warm, fuzzy feeling in your stomach, the woman that's always on your mind, that makes you nervous, that makes you feel alive, that puts a smile on your face. That's the woman you should pursue.

    • Yeah that's right bro but don't they have some predetermined notions that how their man should be? Although girls do get impressed the way I talk with them but they just know the person they are talking with from the outside. I wanna know whether a girl will like me after knowing my insides too.

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    • If a girl is going to knock you back at the first hurdle then she doesn't deserve you when you overcome the final hurdle.

      No decent woman is going to hold the fact you're starting out against you.

    • I am not changing myself or something. I am just trying to get to the point where I feel comfortable approching someone. By the way I hit it well at the first hirdle. I did manage to have few talks with her. But that was general talks.

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  • Don't go with decent girl.. that would be boring. Find someone that will challenge you and will give you a new experience. :)

    • Like decent girls gonna like me. Lol. I like fun too. But it should be decent fun. :-D

    • You will get your dream girl sooner or later. Just focus on yourself and still being nice, good things will come along. :) Good luck

    • Thanks a lot. I am trying to focus on myself a lot and will keep doing that. Take care. :-)

  • Some people go for people with lots in common with them and some go for people who are totally different from them due to them desiring variety. Whoever you are most attracted to.

    • Agreeable. But if I am attracted to a very nice girl, who seem to be very cultured but at the same time posts a hot pic of herself on her fb showing off her curves after reducing some weight. Will she like a guy like me?

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    • No problem. Good luck :)

    • Thank you. :-)

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  • None, they are not worth the time and effort.