Is he interested in more than friends?

A guy i was friends with a few years ago we caught up and he didn't contact about hanging out again so i assumed he wasn't interested. his girlfriend broke up with him a few months ago. he then texted me saying sorry for not texting in a while and he came over to my house and we went for a walk. he said he'd text again soon, but i'm not sure if he actually will. Do you think he's interested in more than friends or just looking for a friend?


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  • Not enough information to tell. After a break up some guys look for female company in order to cheer them up, but doesn't necessarily mean he's interested. Depends how he acted when he was with you.

  • Did exhibit signs of interest in you when he came over to yours? Did he flirt with you, compliment you, ask about your dating statues? If not, then it's rather hard to determine his intention.


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