I wonder, how common or uncommon is an interracial couple between a Latino man and a White woman, at least around in your area?

Since people often talk about how common it is for a Black man and a White woman to have an interracial relationship compared to most interracial relationships with both different ethnic groups, I wonder.

I'm from Mesa, Arizona, USA and it's not very common to see a Latino man and a white woman, despite the high population of these two ethnic groups in my state. I've only seen like one interracial relationship between a Latino and a White woman here where I live.

What about where you are from?


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  • My step brother is latino and is coupled with a white woman. My brother is lationo and is also with a white girl. Many high school buddies who were latinos had white girlfriends. Some coworkers who were also latino had girlfriends who were white. And im also from Mesa, AZ. Im now in Phoenix and Tempe. Even my aunt is married to my uncle who is white hahaha.

    • So your family is full of bi-ethnical (yes I said that, instead of racial, since the majority of us Latinos are Mestizos) people now that they all interbred with whites? lol

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    • Yes, I still currently live in Mesa, AZ.

    • Oh cool dude I'm from Cali originally. I like az cuz it's clean but ugh how I wish to move out and back to the cool breezes of California.


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  • Not too common I know off the top of my head only two couples with a Latina or hispanic man and a white woman. I see mostly Latino women with black men or white men. I also see Asians and white men, white women with black men, and black women with white men.

  • I live in AZ too. My dad is Mexican and my mom is white, but besides them I do see a lot of other Latino/white woman couples.

    • What city in AZ do you live in?

    • Chandler

    • Nice. I only live like 10-12 minutes away from Chandler.

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  • I'm from Southern California and latino men and white women/latina and white men are like all over the place here. I think it's one of the bigger interracial relationships out here. I've dated South Americanas more so myself and I'm a Pacific Islander, however I have come across the occasional latina who says that they won't go out with me or are not interested in me because I am not Mexican or of hispanic descent. Oh Well!

  • Barely any Hispanics in my area its just plain ole White and Black.