Which guy should I choose? Yeah?

This is probably the stupidest question ever but there are two guys one of them has liked me since June and he is really really nice like one of the nicest people I ever met but he's uh.. really ugly and I'm not that picky when it comes to looks I mean he's like really not good looking. The other guy is his cousin and he is fine! He dated on of my best friend (not friends anymore actually) but they stopped talking cuz they lost interest. He seams like a nice guy and always treated my friend good so I just don't know who to pick?


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  • So what I'm getting is this
    Super nice
    Good looking
    Lost interest

    Well now this is where you have literally see what is on he inside. GuyA seams like he would genuinely care about you and you have to ask yourself "Would like to be with this guy later in life? Would another person treat me like him? Can I really reject him because of looks?" And who knows when he's done with puberty he might look better! Hope this helped :)

  • Choose the guy you're attracted to. You'll never make it with someone you think is "ugly".

  • a decision u should make by urself, but my advice is don't always go for looks cuz its temporary just think with whom u will be happy


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  • Yea if you're not interested in both looks and personality of the first guy, than I'd pass because you sound like you don't want someone you're kinda ashamed of. Plus you'll wanna be happy in the long run. Yet, you shouldn't go for the 2nd guy either. If he used to talk to your bestie, is that really the path you wanna take? Just think it over :-)