Girls, when you have a boyfriend do you expect him to text you fist everyday?

Do you start your texting conversations with your boyfriends or does your boyfriend?

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  • It should be a give and take. If you are in a relationship the dating games should be over. If she wants to talk, she should text you. Perhaps she got some bad advice that girls should ALWAYS wait on the guy to contact her? Or maybe she likes you to be the instigator and her the submissive one? Just ask her. Tell her you're honestly curious. See what she says. It will help you get to know her better. :)


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  • Yeah I do expect the guy to text, but that doesn't mean it's fair. Girls can start conversations too.. It's really not a big deal.

  • Sometimes the guy should start the convo and sometimes the girl should. If you started the convo everytime it wouldn't really seem like she'd be interested in talking to you and you may seem desperate.

  • Equal amounts of initiation or else it looks like one party doesn't care


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