Have you ever been cat fished? How did you find out?

Have you ever been a victim of cat fishing? What happened in your relationship?


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  • I haven't actually been cat fished, but I've seen it one time. Really everybody who have seen the girl was cat fish kind of. She would post pics of herself as if that person was her and people flocked towards her. I thought it was her, but I didn't kiss her ass like a lot of people did. Anyway, she revealed what she really looked like (which was still pretty IMO) and people left her alone. I thought it was funny, because one dude was all into her. He got it bad when he found out what she really looked like.


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  • Yes! I was talking to a guy on kik and I was having a great conversation with him and the next day I told my friends about it and one friend looked at his photo and said "Um, that's the picture of a guy I watch on youtube". I was sooooo disappointed and never talked to him again. Haha, it was hilarious though.

  • Yeah when I was 15. I ended up really liking the guy and then we started going out after that. He lived an hour away but his dad would always pick me up or drop him off at my house for the whole day every sunday.