I found out that my boyfriend lied about texting with girls? what should I do? I hacked his chat room?

so we are together since about 8 months now.. before me he used to see this girl he kinda told me about, but he said that he blocked her and doesn't even talk to her no more.

so tonight i hacked his chat room and there is this one chat that was suspicious. he is speaking another language and few days ago i asked him what this girl wanted and he was like "oh she is just asking because of a roadtrip" .. i translated it and it was CLEARLY not. he was not really responding much to her, and i dont acuse him of anything but HE lied about the fact that he doesn't talk to the girl he used to date no more (THIS WAS THE GIRL cuz i saw pics of the former chatroom with pics included) ,, and he even replies...

what shall I do now? i mean i feel bad for stalking but at the same time its not okay to lie in my face while still talking to this girl


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  • Ok he was wrong for lying but you were wrong for hacking his chat room.


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  • He was wrong for lying but now that you hacked his chat room you won't trust him and he won't trust you... he shouldn't have lied but isn't it good to know that he's not a douche that ignores a girl when they break up and he's actually able to have a conversation :)