I'm 18 and I have never kissed a girl !?

So many people will think that I'm not good looking but actually I'm a good looking boy and I have a lot of friends, girls and boys and I had so many relations but I have never kissed a girl I think I'm just afraid to be rejected , will anyone give me some advices on when should I go for it and other stuff


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  • Dude, I didn't have my first kiss until 21. And it wasn't until after I graduated that I realized several girls had crushes on me. For my kiss, my girlfriend basically pounced me and started making out with me.

    Another thing to realize is that many women show their interest quite differently than guys do (or rather how we are expected to show it). Reading up on our closest relative in terms of sexual behavior, Bonobos, as well as other primitive cultures, I think that while the man's "role" was to "go out and get her", there was also the woman's role to "invite him in" BEFOREhand. And in Bonobos, you also see the females match-making for their friends a lot, indicating match-making may be in our nature as well. But strangers randomly approaching each other with sexual intent doesn't seem to be in our nature. Just keep that in mind.

    Also, try to pinpoint what it is that makes you "fear rejection". For instance, I used to think I feared rejection, until I had actually been rejected a few times and realized it was more of a liberating experience. I discovered later that what I fear is making women feel uncomfortable.

    This might be the case for you, too. Because I doubt trying to kiss your girlfriend would be horrendous if she said "sorry, not yet". But I'd imagine you would be mildly traumatized if she said "f@#$ off you pervert!". The first is simply rejection, the second is her being offended that you even tried.

    Or it may just be something else...

    But as with any fear, follow it in your head and see where it takes you. WHAT situation would scar you the most. If you can pinpoint it, you can acknowledge it and work on getting past it.

    But also know that you're not alone. Again, my first kiss was at 21.

    • man , I really appreciate you , you helped me a lot actually and I will keep all what you said in my mind, and yes I think I fear to my girl feel uncomfortable.

    • Awesome! Hope it works out for you. And thanks for MH!


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  • I was 19 when I had my first kiss. He was my first boyfriend, first guy I held hands with, first guy I hugged, etc. I don't see nothing wrong with waiting a while until you engage in romantic relationships.
    As for advice when you should go for it, when you feel you're ready. Don't feel rushed or peer pressured because all your friends are doing it. Most of my friends were already pregnant by their Quinceaneras or Sweet 16s, and there I was barely getting kissed after high school. So just don't worry and go at your own pace. :)

    • I will keep that in mind, thanks :)

  • I think that's fine. It's something that you should save unless you really like someone.
    When I was about to go on my first date, at least fifteen friends all separately pulled me aside and said "Don't kiss him on the first date. Wait until the at least the third date, or maybe even the fifth date, until you know him really well". I still haven't had my first kiss either (or first relationship), and I'm seventeen. It really is something special, and you'll remember it for the rest of your life ( really, ask anyone and they'll be able to tell you), so save it for someone who you really like :)

  • I was 22 when I got my first kiss... and now I'm married. So, there's hope for you yet.

  • Save it for the girl who will capture your heart.

  • It's not the end of the world. Kiss a friend. Your first kiss should be with someone you feel comfortable with:)

    • Do you mean I should kiss a friend, like really my friend :D

    • hahah it sounds kind of weird but a lot of people actually do it. To perfect their kissing skills, to have their first kiss, etc. I think it's best as long as it doesn't mess up the friendship and she's okay with it:)

    • Well, Idon't think any of my friends would like to do it, that's gonna be so weird and I can't even ask for it' because that may mess up with our friendship, I guess I have to learn by the hard way :)

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