How do I get over this girl (like she does not exist)?

So there is this girl I met in my college class. She was quiet, very tiny and dainty, and pretty. I sort of developed a crush on her thinking she was a sweet, "innocent", good-girl type, and potentially a virgin.

I asked her to meet sometime and she said yes and gave me her number. But I looked her up and found her facebook. I was disturbed. I found many pictures of her with other guys (like several), some of which she was being kissed and held by. She has pictures of herself at bars and parties.

I don't think I want to associate myself with her anymore, because
1) I am out of her league. I am almost completely inexperienced with girls.
2) I am a virgin. I prefer my first time to be with another virgin. That may not happen, but seeing these pictures of her with several guys is not appealing to me.

I give off the wrong impression that I am a stud based on my body build and confident look at times. But actually, in reality, I am shy and a virgin

... the challenge is that I am going to be in class with her for another 4 months
What is wrong with you people, no answers?


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  • Errr I would get to know her more, some firs think they'll get guys by posting pics of being associated with other guys. You don't actually know her personality or now if she's actually a virgin, but don't fall in love with who you think she is (the shy virgin type), fall in love with who she actually is, and like I said the only way to find that out is to get to know her better. If you really find out that she's not the girl you want, then there's still 7 billion fish in the ocean to choose from. I don't think anyone is out of anyone's league, you make the decision, so just show her how good of a guy you are.

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    • Thank you for your perspective. please don't think I am belittling you, but college is a different world (your profile says you are under 18). I will take your feedback into consideration for sure, but I will try to gain second opinions from those older too.

    • Sorry, I didn't really look at a lot of her photos, I don't think she's exactly that shy type you thought she was, but that isn't all bad either, i'm just saying you might be falling in love with a personality in here that isn't actually there. Just get to know her so that you can know her personality, and i'm sorry i'm inexperienced because i'm 13 lol. ^^


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  • Since you want to find a virgin, and you have a feeling she might not be one, it should be pretty easy getting over her. She's just not your type. But why don't you ask her in person instead of assuming too much. You know just having pics with guys is not everything. Another thing, you shouldn't have posted the link to her pic. Its not right on ur part.

    • I don't know how to remove it. Sucks

    • What's done is done. You can't edit a question in GAG. Cool it though, Its not a crime to post her pic, just don't do it again.

  • she seems like a normal girl with a social life. the horror. find some weirdo loner with no friends or guys who like her and get over this girl.

    • That is fine that she has a social life, nothing wrong with that. I was just hoping for someone low-key who has not had a bunch of guys in her. That's all.

    • @pr3ttybr0wn

      There's a difference between a "weirdo loner" and a girl that has a small group of friends and doesn't like going to bars and taking pictures in which guys kiss her and hold her.

      Your comment was ignorant and disrespectful, just saying.

  • My if I were you I'd say just try and bring things back to a friend zone situation. So if you meet up be like all friend way and when she tries to flirt with you dodge it and just be friends I guess that wouldn't hurt right? Or you could get to know her and possibly like her for who she is:)
    And IKR people these days like seriously ANSWER XDXD

  • Ugh please don't judge by Facebook. People use that all the time to present some cool image when honestly, she might actually BE someone who didn't have sex with these guys, so don't buy all that.

  • You posted her FB on a random site like this? Why not just post it on craigslist too you freaking weirdo. Sounds like your obsessive qualities are the problem not her social life. Creep

    • Idk, sort of having moral and interpersonal struggles right now. All will be resolved shortly.

    • Welcome to life dude, its a constant moral and interpersonal struggle. All will be resolved shortly? That's sounds either suicidal or homicidal.

    • No, I mean I shall be getting some more dating experience so I can figure myself out

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  • You're like me, you prefer more quiet type girls that don't have huge groups of friends.

    Yeah getting over her will be easy, since she's not your type. The hard part is finding a girl that is your type.

  • You can do better man ;)

    Don't worry about it.