Help me out please boys :)?

Please no hate, I'm just wanting some help.
I know this sounds desperate and slutty but about 4 months ago my bf and I broke up. I haven't had another guy in my life since then and I'm feeling really lonely. I feel like I need a bf but I don't know how to get a guys attention. Please help me out >.<

Sorry I wasn't very clear, I want help on trying to get a guys attention.


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  • In the first place, don't be in a hurry to start a relationship. Just take your time, look inward and build yourself to be a better partner.
    Secondly be cheerful and give some smile when it's necessary and be careful where you go checking out possibilities. Be positive. GUDLUCK


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  • Do a tribal mating dance. If that fails, wait until the next mating season.

    • Okay thanks, I'll try that tomorrow, do you think I should also try my mating call?

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    • Okay, I got it. Soon I'm gonna have all the guys I want

    • I think it worked! All the guys were looking at me! They responded to my mating call as well with something sounded a bit like this "hah-hah-hah-hah

  • you want help because you don't know how to get guys attention, or is this about a specific guy?

    • Don't know how to get a guys attention

    • Just be yourself, get out there, show yourself a bit. Nature will do the rest :)

  • ookkk? what is the help you are crying about?

    • I want to know how to get a guys attention

    • just go up to him and say hi and whatever. and after a few convo tell him what is really up

  • depends what your looking for, if you looking for a genuine boyfriend then just be yourself and take your time, talk to boys that you see around, be friendly and someone will come along. if your looking to get laid real quick just dress like a slut and go to your nearest club/bar and tell people you're thristy for the D, you'll get laid that night I promise you!

  • For me what works is when a girl paints her toenails pink as i have a foot fetish. I just find that so sexy


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