How do I answer "How are you?" when a girl asks?

When a girl asks how I am I always struggle with a response. To put it lightly I'm not a happy person but I don't particularly want to say so when a girl asks. I also don't really want to just lie and say everything's great when it isn't. I was wondering how best to tackle this when I haven't known the girl long and we are just texting back and forth or on casual dates. Is it better to lie and say everything's great, dodge the question entirely (if so how?) Or be plainly honest? If honest is the way to go and she asks why I'm not good how can I then deal with/avoid that question?

Thanks for any help.


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  • Just say "I am doing okay right now" which is true cause a girl is talking to you... Just be upbeat and quickly ask how she is. This is an opportunity to learn more about her life and what it important to her.


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  • just answer honestly. okay if its like a depressing moment then just tell a white lie:P or if you dont wanna tell a white lie then remember something to cheer you up for the moment and then you can honestly say you're feeling good. can't avoid it though, if she initiates the text then he'll most like always ask that.

  • I'm cool , (10 words summary) , but I suppose that's just how it is eh?
    How's yours?