Does LDR work most of the time or rarely? need help?

been using chatous for a while and i found this awesome girl. ya'know that moment when you found the right girl and the whole universe just suddebly revolves around her? yeap thats what i felt. so after talking for a while, we liked each other, and it doesn't really matter how she looks like cuz i fell in love with her personality to a level that i don't care how she looked like. so my plan is to fly to her place and surprise her in her b-day.(distance between us is like hong kong to manila) so should i do it or just give up on her?


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  • I'm sure they do sometimes, but I personally don't think it's often. I wouldn't have a LDR, I'd be afraid of being cat fished, or never meeting that person. I'd rather date someone who is in my area.

  • They never work out, don't even try


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