Is it a hookup or should I ask him out?

About a week ago, I had a one night stand with a guy and didn't expect to see him again. But the next day he text me saying that he'd love to see me again and we've been texting occasionally since. On the weekend, he text me in the evening asking if I wanted to grab a drink as neither of us was doing anything. I agreed. After a few drinks, we ended up talking for hours before just sleeping. In the morning he made me breakfast. We then texted throughout the day and agreed to meet again in the evening. He came over to mine and we chatted for hours before sleeping together and chatting for several more hours. He eventually left cus I was starting to fall asleep and had a lot of work due the next day. My question is whether or not this is simply a hookup or whether I should ask him on a proper date? We seem to have a good connection and can just chat for hours. He's also suggested lots of things for us to do together. But, at the same time, I only see him in the evenings and for drinks. I've also not heard from his since he left yesterday. Is this just a hookup that I'm getting too attached to?


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  • Do what you feel is right. But I know that when I was that way with women in the past that it was just sex and conversation.


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  • Ask him out on a date.