A question for guys? Girls too?

I like to wear a ring which my mom passed down to me and normally I wear it on my left ring finger because I'm right-handed and it gets in the way when I write. This won't mislead my crush or anything right? I'm sure he was looking at my left hand very intently the last time we met.

The ring is silver with a jade butterfly on it by the way It's really pretty!
The design is quite similar to this one


Just that there's no diamond in the center though,..


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  • Whenever i have a decent conversation with any women and it crosses my mind to ask her out i always take note if she is wearing a wedding ring before i put myself out there.

    • I see,... But I'm 15. There's no way that could be an engagement ring. >_<

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    • thank you and enjoy your crush:)

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  • Well just where it at the right finger.

    • I see,... But it kind of gets in the way when I write...

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    • does it happened to be enchanted with magical powers too?

    • I don't think so. If it were like Sadie's necklace in Twenties Girl that would be cool though. :)

  • hmmm... depend on how smart your crush is! lol I would never assume that a butterfly ring is an engagement ring. Im not saying its impossible either hey some people have to make do with things lol. But the fact that its a butterfly and your under 18... even if i had that pass through my mind i would just ask :/

    • He's pretty smart, I mean he got first in his Maths class. It would be a weird design for an engagement ring... But he's never asked me and everytime he keeps looking at my hand it's like he wants to drill through my hand with laser vision or something lol

  • There is a ring on your ring finger. That would mislead anyone.

    • But then it's from my mom.

    • Yes you said that already.

      But a ring on the ring finger is usually associated with a marriage. Noone can mind read and see that it's your mothers without you having told them!

      Why not just wear it on a different finger? Or perhaps sell it (haha ).

    • I guess so but then it doesn't look like an engagement ring or anything...

  • Maybe take it off during dates?
    Otherwise there's some really weird messages you are giving off.
    a) i am not interested
    b) i AM interested and guess what i am not ashamed to show i am CHEATING on my fiancee = bad LTR material to any guy's mind

  • I always look for the ring. So I would think it does mislead him.


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  • Yes, sweetie, Very Misleading, and the First thing that will come to mind is: She's taken, Oh, God... Any guy would Bear this in mind, for many are checking out your goods along with the 'Merchandise' to see if it is: Buyer beware, if you get my drift here. I myself have done this a lot in the past when out in the date mate scene.
    Just a helpful hint, being 'Mom passed away,' and in order to not 'Chase away' the man of your dreams currently that Might fly the coup... Only wear her special beautiful memoir when your he isn't fluttering around.
    I'm so sorry for mom's death, and to have something as special and so lovely as this is something that someday you can cherish right along with your wedding ring.
    Good luck. xx

    • No, no actually she used to wear it as a teen so she gave it to me and she's still here actually, sorry for the misunderstanding!! >_< I'm really sorry!!

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    • Actually7, so early this morning, I accidentally read" Passed on to---Passed away... My bad... It's Monday, wouldn't you know... lol:)) xx

    • I'm also really blur on Mondays~ Once I accidentally brought my Physics notebook to Art class instead of my sketch book lol

  • I wear a ring on each hand. Most people assumed I'm married! Yes it's easy to mislead people about you being taken. Unless you find a way to tell him oneday or he might ask out of curiosity.