GUYS is it a turn off when you'll be her first kiss?

Guys do you get turned off knowing the girl you like hasn't been kissed yet?

If she told you she was inexperienced, what type of kiss would you usually go for?


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  • It's not a turn off cause I was an inexperienced kisser with my first gf and I tried to do some fancy shit lol. I was trying to kiss her like the Japanese kiss, but my gf wouldn't do anything with my tongue lol. When I kissed her, her lips were kinda cold while mines were warm and had a hint of mouthwash flavor lol. I stuck my tongue inside her mouth to be kinky, hoping she would suck on it, but she did nothing lol. To avoid being too bad, just watch this YouTube video lol. Once you get the gist of it, it's really not that hard lol.


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  • Light peck on the lips , and then again , and then again , if it works then I'll proceed to insert my alien probe down her throat and lay an egg down her chest cavity.

  • i think its actually a turn on because i know she hasn't kissed someone else.. I don't know its weird but definetley not a turn off

    • if it's a turn on then why did the guy I like, and he likes me back say and I quote "well, anyways, I wish you well whomever your kiss (:"?

  • I find it a turn on


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