Why Do I Feel Queasy About Relationships?

The idea of a relationship always sounds good until I am in one. I always think I really like someone when they ask me out, and then as soon as I'm in a relationship with them I feel queasy, and everything feels wrong, and I always leave it immediately.
There was only one guy I really felt I could date, but we never did. Anyone else have this issue, or have had it? What could cause this? Thanks!


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  • you're gonna need to elaborate this question cause its hard to tell what queasy means. do you get queasy thinking about all of the negative things that could happen? or are you self-conscious and don't know if you can open up to a person. elaborate girlll

    • I honestly just feel sick when I'm with the person. The idea of kissing them anymore grosses me out, and the idea of walking down a street holding hands with them (etc) rubs me the wrong way. It's very odd!

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    • That sounds perfect, actually. Haha thanks! :)

    • haha no problem


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  • The right guy will know how to play the game right and will get you lol.

  • Maybe that queasyness is love and you run from it

    • Perhaps!

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    • To be honest, not at all. I've actually always have been the heartbreaker, because of the way I get. :/

    • Its natural to be afraid that someone will break your heart and then the lack of trust of that person comes into play, if you want a relationship you are going to have to quit trying to control the out come and just go all heart in:)

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  • I understand this! I always, ALWAYS develop strong feelings for people and then when they begin to reciprocate those feelings or flirt back, etc. I always freeze up and look at them in a different light and all the feelings I had for them vanish. And then I'm on to a new guy, and the cycle repeats itself.

    I think we're both just crazy about the idea of people, but afraid of commitment.

    • So nice to hear that it isn't just me with this problem! :) Do you ever get the feeling we may get it from being embarrassed about being with the person we like? I feel like it's been a contender in a lot of my situations like this!

    • I'm not sure I could restrict it to just being "embarrassment", though that could be a factor. I don't really have a type of guy that I like aesthetically speaking, I'm more of a girl who gets attracted by personality.

      But it could be that we suffer from "contact embarrassment" where the things that the people we like do cause us distress and embarrassment because it's not something we'd typically do, thus putting us in a place of "dang i'm not really attracted to this person anymore because they cause me to feel embarrassed more than anything else."

      Not sure! I'm a bit as clueless as you :(

    • Everything you described is practically the same experience for me. Aw, man... Poor us ;) Well. Here's to hoping we can sort this thing out one day!