Girls, is there something that a guy might wear that would turn you off? If so, what is it?

What do guys wear, if anything, that automatically turns you off to them?


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  • I'm not a big fan of those graphic tees. Like ones of grumpy cat, or the Despicable Me minions. Or ones that say I'm a stud/this is what awesome looks like. Basically anything you would find a Middle Schooler wearing.

    I'm all for fan shirts (LOTR/GOT/HP/AC) but nothing super extravagant/flashy... keep it simple. Get a T-shirt with the Superman/Batman/Flash/logo on it don't get like five characters running out of a wall (I don't know).

    Come on guys polos look great on you no matter your body type. I love flannel button-down's. Those are hot and look great on anybody. You can button it all the way, halfway or leave it unbuttonedā€¦ It doesn't matter it still looks good on you.

    • Pretty detailed, thank you. I agree that simple and subtle looks way better with the fan shirts. That part about the button downs was kinda surprising. I didn't know they could be seen as an attractive thing.

    • I own at least seven button-down shirts. And sometimes I wear them over my fan shirts. Or with a tank top, or over a bikiniā€¦ Whatever. They don't have to be plaid/designed. They can be simple just solid coloured. Probably one of the most versatile piece of clothing I own.


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  • skinny jeans
    muscle shirts
    super short-sleeved shirts
    super deep v-necks. i kinda hate v-necks in general
    pants that are hanging around the ass area

  • Well sorry, I'm picky but I wouldn't tl him in person if I didn't like it. I'd just be thinking it. I hate to see guys..
    - Roll up their jeans
    - Wear gator church looking shoes, wallabees, sperrys, velcrow sandals, and crocs (Please i rather him wear some Nike, Converse, Jordans, or Flip flops)
    - Sweaters (Justin Bieber would look aight if he cut back on the sweaters)
    - 2 earrings (No just stick with one)
    - Skinny jeans (No too tight on them)
    - High Waters (leave that to Urkel)
    *But everything else is cool lol

    • Sperrys? I thought those were distinctly female only lol. You've seen guys wear those?

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    • Oh, well I think I'm pretty different from other American guys in that department. I'm much more preppy than most of them. I love button downs and vests and all that. I've also been sorta known for my kangol. I rarely see anyone with them, but I always thought they were cool.

    • Hmm sounds neat

  • Oversized t-shirts
    Saggy pants
    Super tight jeans
    Ripped clothing
    Dirty clothing
    Shirts with offending words

  • Jeans with sandals. GTFOH with that bullshit combo, we ain't even at the beach, we at the mall, stop playin

  • With @sammy_31. I hate that Justin Bieber trend. When I see a proper and chic guy, that turns me on.

  • skinny jeans. suffocating nuts since 2008.

    • There is that part of it yeah, but I always found them feminine. I'd probably be turned off if I were a girl too. Plus what if you get a random boner in school or something? Fucked

    • hell yeah lmao

    • Lol yeast infection haha

  • Turtlenecks, high-waisted pants, socks n sandals.

    not too picky am I :D

    • Turtlenecks? That's an interesting one. Even if it's really cold?

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    • Well yeah, but thats cause he's THE CHOSEN ONE

      and he can like dodge bullets and shit, he could pull off a mankini if he wanted to lol

    • Lol well that's true!

  • guys with no muscles... that wear muscle shirts, yeah no, sweaters*cringe*, and probably man purses or like i say murse... yeah no, but i mean if they do, they just won't be getting any of this

    • Are guys with no muscles in general also a turn off for you?

    • no, i'm k with no muscles, just when you try to show off something you don't have, yeah we have a problem here haha

  • Fedoras, roll-up jeans, man purses, too tight skinny jeans, flip flops. Hellll no..

  • Very skinny jeans, socks and sandals, overly baggy clothes, really sexually graphic and explicit shirts, bell bottom jeans, feminine wear like crop tops and short shorts, and there might be more.

  • Bow ties and socks with sandals

    • Bow ties I don't care much about. Those are rare and I think they can work sometimes. FUCK socks with sandals.

    • OMG how I forget Bowties!! I hate when dudes wear those!! Especially in fraternities. I also hate when guys wear those Nike/Adidas slide in sandal flip flop thingys.

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