When a girl looks at me I look away cuz im shy am I sending bad signals to her?

Yea im just really shy im the quiet one in my group and its hard to get a girl to like me because of this anyways Is it bad looking away from a girl's eyes? I mean usually I'll turn my head and they'll be looking right at me.


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  • No that is a sign that you like her if both of you meet eyes and then you quickly turn your head you are giving a sign that you like her. But it is not like a strong subtle sign if that is what you want to know.


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  • i strongly suggest you dont look away. or at least hold eye contact for a few seconds then smile and then look away.

  • Well some girls will think you're just shy, (obviously) but others may say things like "oh, why'd he look away?" And crap like that but some might even get a sign that you like them so be sure that you're not sending that message. :)

    • Yea its just "sigh" I have this dumb image in my head where I feel like if I look at a girl they give me a weird face for example I held a door for people to walk in right? Not even doing this for girls just becuz its something I always do and these girls looked at me and said thank you? In a weird way I don't know I just feel like if I hide my face people won't have to look at it.

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    • thanks I guess I've got to be more confident about how I look then:)

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  • Looking down after making eye contact is a sign of submissiveness. By looking down at her, you've given her the idea that you're a wuss... so you're unappealing to her.

    • A wuss... god I hate when guys say that I played football I practice boxing, Im training to be a cadet right now in Sherrifs explorers, Im not a wuss I can tell you I came from a marine core born family, anyways, all im saying is Im shy and Im very nervous around girls bro

    • All that background stuff is irrelevant. If you want to have better luck with women, you're going to have to prove to them you're worth there time.

    • "Sigh" your right I don't know though it just seems as if I feel like I have to do more I play guitar I like to read, my intellect seems ok I don't know its just when I talk to a girl I don't know where to begin but I guess girls do dig anime but even then when that's done I almost have nothing to talk of myself what would I say? "Well I workout a lot and do my homework play videogames and go to bed? I swear even Mr Rogers was more intricate than me

  • Well if your interested it's bad. Be confident. I know I got them with the eye contact. Tells a lot about a person