What is she doing to me?

Ok, well I have been talking to this girl for a few weeks, I am not going to lie, I fell pretty hard for her... Well, earlier this week we went from texting all the time and hanging out to doing nothing and not talking.

Well here is where my problem starts. The other day she texts me and asks me what I am doing. I told her I was doing nothing, and then asked what she was doing. She then told me she just got back from hanging out with a cute guy. I was like, ok? Then for some reason her friend out of know where tells me she is talking with her cousin, no idea why she told me this as I did not even ask about her. Then yesterday she comes into my work (BTW we both are servers together at a restaurant, so she knows my schedule) with some guy and sits in my section...

Why is she doing all this to me? I did nothing to the girl...


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  • gotta love the "game". Stop. Whatever your thinking its not worth it. To answer your question first: she's just a girl/tramp(no offense) playing head games. Don't let it/her get to you man! Dish that sh*t right back. You have to stay cool and confident. Don't ignore her just cause she's with another guy. If you do, she will see you as a wussy. You don't and can't care that much for 'em. Especially, by her sitting in your section at work with another guy, I would have said "are you trying to make me jealous?" Don't be scared to say things like that. Just do it. Make sure the tone, body language and what it is that you're going to say are approriate(cocky and funy) and not just plain rude.


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  • She wants you to chase her.

    From a girls point of view,and even though I think its a lame thing to do,she is paradeing this other guy in your face so you will get jelous and step up your game.

    Bit of a stupid way to do it in my opinion,all you are really doing is destroying any trust which you have built up in the relationship and making your man/potential man feel unsure of himself-which is the quickest way to get them to back off lol.

    Not classy,its desperate and blatent.

    What she should of done was just talked to you but there we are.

    Thats my opinion.

  • She likes you and she's trying to get you to ask her out! She wants you to get in there before the "other" guy gets there first!


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  • She's mad that you're not talking to her anymore.

    Whatever the fall out was, was not something she wanted. She liked how it was going between the two of you. She's hoping that by making you jealous you'll respond.

    Also, the thing with the cousin...was there ever a time where the three of you hung out?

    • As for fall out, this all just happened, I didn't do anything, like I wasn't clingy or anything...

      we have hung out me-her and the friend (the friend who told me that she was talking to her cousin)

    • Was there ever a private conversation between you and the cousin?

  • shes trying to make you feel jealous from that dude. try to hang out with her and talking to her again if she respond to you then everything is ok if not just ignore her.