Do I make a move? Wait it out? Move on? What the crap do I do?

So I met a guy a few weeks ago, gave him my number and we went out a couple times. He said he's not interested in anything serious, I told him I felt the same. I still want to keep hanging out with him, but I did initiate the last date because I had some free time I wasn't planning on having. I don't want to scare him off, but we have fun together and I want to keep doing that. So any suggestions of what to do?


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  • Obviously you dig him. Sounds cool give him a call.

    • Even tho I asked about the last date? I don't want to to scare him off or anything


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  • Give him a call. It never hurts


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  • if you're not interested in anything serious that usually is bc you want to REL;AX have fun noty be stressed out. you're already worried about communicating with him bc you might 'scare him off'. doesn't sound like you're having fun.

    I don't see the point of hanging out with someone bc you like them but have to pretends you don't care much so it stays fun. it isn't fun. you're worried. reality check. he's already controlling you without trying to.

    figure out what you want and do it. if he's scarred bc you like hanging out with him, then he's more trouble than he's worth.

    by the way why do HYOU not want something series. are you sure you don't or is it just easier to say you did bc thats what he wanted?

    • That's true. But I don't want anything serious because of past relationships... I'm easing into the datum scene. But I also might be moving soon... So there's a few reasons.