What should I do? Would it be hurtful to himto show interest despite the fact I doubt my parents would let me date him?

There this guys... long story short I like him and im almost positive he likes me. Only problem is I grew up super conservative and have very strict, cautious parents. And I don't know if they would let me go out with him.

Right now im out of town but I have this feeling as soon as I get home he's gonna ask me out because when I left I got the sense of him trying to gauge my interest so he could make a move. It also felt like he didn't want me to leave and he even joked about coming with.

... so what shoukd I do? If he doesn't ask me out but keeps showing interest is it wrong of me to show interest back if I know my parents won't let me date him? Because of my situation i always feel like I put guys in a hard spot and end up hurting them cuz no one understands how strict my parents really are. And please don't say to just make my own decision and go against my parents because even though im 18, im still dependent on them and expected to folo thier rules. And I can't move out on my own and im not willing to hurt them by going against them or lie to them about what a guy is like because they have done so much for me. If he does ask me, how do I tell him I can't without sounding like im just making it up and dont like him?


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  • Should just date him... You're 18 and you're the one dating him not your parents.


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  • Too bad, i mean not like you have to lie to them or hurt them but when they were your age they had their moments and were happy then why shouldn't you be happy too dating someone you like and likes you back won't kill anyone just saying...