I am attracted to two guys, and they both know it?

I have know one of them since i was in 5th grade (Mat). Our friend introduced me to their other friend (Josh). When my friend and i pulled up to mats house josh was there and they are both attractive. But then the next day when i hung out with Josh alone i feel that it is only a physical attraction. And with mat it might be more. The day josh and i hung out, we did make out a little, and do a little more, but after i just felt nothing. I still feel nothing. And honestly i regret doing the things with josh. I don't know what to do. I need some advice.


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  • Give Matt a try... just joshin


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  • just stay away from josh.. and try to win mat.. stay friends and maybe after a while he'll like you :) just be yourself and don't do anything stupid with josh.. ever again.. just avoid him...